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About Antarctica

Antarctica is a de facto continental condominium, governed by the 29 parties to the Antarctic Treaty that have consulting status.

Seven sovereign states – Argentina, Australia, Chile, France, New Zealand, Norway, and the United Kingdom – have made eight territorial claims in Antarctica.

With no single governing body, it does not have an official flag of its own. However, several designs have been created since the 1970s for the purpose of representing the continent.

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The Antarctic Treaty

Flag designs

Design Name Date Description
RRS Discovery crew 1929 Plain white flag, used to improvise a courtesy ensign (a flag used as a token of respect by vessels while in foreign waters) for a continent without a flag of its own.
Whitney Smith's proposal 1978 An orange field bearing an emblem consisting of a pair of hands holding a segment of a disk representing Earth with the letter "A" representing Antarctica.
Joanne Cooper and Stefan Tucker's proposal 1995 An orange field bearing an outline of Antarctica, a compass pointing south at the bottom left, and the outline of a penguin to the right.
Graham Bartram's proposal 1996 A white outline of Antarctica on a UN-blue background.
Dave Hamilton's proposal. 1999 The pale blue strip represents pack ice, the dark blue stripe represents the night sky and the yellow stripe is a representation of the aurora australis. The famous stellar constellation the Southern Cross is shown in the dark blue stripe at the right.
Olivier Leroi's proposal. 2007/2008 The flag is vertically divided in four stripes — black, off-white, orange, and gray — reproducing the proportions of the colors on the "livery" (feathers) of an emperor penguin, selected as Antarctica's emblematic animal.
True South flag (Evan Townsend's proposal) 2018 Horizontal stripes of navy and white represent the long days and nights at Antarctica's extreme latitude. In the center, a white peak the bergs, mountains, and pressure ridges that define the Antarctic horizon. The long navy blue shadow forms the unmistakable shape of a compass arrow pointed south. Together, the two center shapes create a diamond, symbolizing the hope that Antarctica will continue to be a center of peace, discovery, and cooperation.
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